3 Steps Women Can Take to Blaze a Leadership Trail

3 Steps Women Can Take to Blaze a Leadership Trail

"Don't be afraid to stand out, be fearless and don't just lean forward, but plunge ahead," said Rosen Kitchens. "Playing it safe doesn't lead...
What Women (in Tech) Want: Tips for Employers

What Women (in Tech) Want: Tips for Employers

"If everyone within an organization has a similar background – racial, gender, education, etc. – how can they identify with and serve others who...

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Donald Trump and Linda Grandia Miss Multiverse

Donald Trump’s Miss Universe vs Miss Multiverse Trademark Disputes

Trademark disputes can be scary specially when accused and opposed by Donald Trump and Industry giants; such as, WME, IMG and MISS UNIVERSE the most famous beauty pageant of the world. This is what...
Miss Multiverse 2017

Miss Multiverse, Corrin Stellakis a Business Woman to Judge the Upcoming Miss and Mrs...

  Miss Multiverse, Corrin Stellakis, a business woman to judge the upcoming Miss and Mrs Megaverse Contest May 1 -8, 2018 in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. But who is Corrin Stellakis and what can we...
Linda Grandia, Miss Holland in Korea

Linda Grandia, Beauty pageant TV reality trends fusion with the South Korean pop culture...

Linda Grandia CEO of the production company behind “I Am Multiverse” and other TV reality shows featuring an eccentric inside view of fact and drama in high stakes beauty pageants has combined the dramatic elimination of the contestants as part of the game mixed with intellectual, adventurous and adrenaline-charged challenges. This new elimination-style competition is setting the trends of European pageantry and is rapidly spreading through Latin America and the USA.

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