To Keep Female Leaders, Learn What They Need to Succeed

Women don't rise to the top of the corporate ladder as much as men because employers aren't doing enough to keep their ambitions alive,...

Female Entrepreneurs Still Face an Uphill Battle with Financing

Not only are women approved for small business financing at a lower rate than men, female entrepreneurs also typically receive smaller loan amounts and...

Women Entrepreneurs

Linda Grandia, Miss Holland in Korea

Linda Grandia, Beauty pageant TV reality trends fusion with the South Korean pop culture...

Linda Grandia CEO of the production company behind “I Am Multiverse” and other TV reality shows featuring an eccentric inside view of fact and drama in high stakes beauty pageants has combined the dramatic elimination of the contestants as part of the game mixed with intellectual, adventurous and adrenaline-charged challenges. This new elimination-style competition is setting the trends of European pageantry and is rapidly spreading through Latin America and the USA.

Use This Founder’s Top Tip To Make Your Meetings Work For You

It seems that lately, whenever you read about travel, it's about all of the mishaps and headaches that impede people as they try to get from point A to point B. Just look at...

Sophia Bush Is a Staunch Supporter of Entrepreneurship

One consistent piece of advice that entrepreneurs give is to work toward something that you truly care about -- to choose something you’re passionate about. It is with this passion that Sophia Bush approaches her investments,...

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